Nikwax Basewash 300ml

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Speciality cleaner and conditioner designed to deodorise and enhance the wicking and drying performance of technical base layers. Easy to use in your washing machine.

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Synthetic base layers are designed to be worn next to the skin, providing user comfort by maintaining body temperature and controlling moisture. The fabrics used are highly wicking (they will spread moisture out over a large area), fast drying and breathable. It is therefore essential to maintain these properties when caring for base layers.

For cleaning and conditioning base layers

  • Deodorising cleaner and conditioner for base layers and next-to-skin clothing
  • Cleans effectively, deodorises, makes fabrics dry faster and improves cooling efficiency
  • Revives the performance of your gear, keeping you fresher and more comfortable
  • Recommended for all synthetic base layers and next-to-skin wicking clothing


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