Nikwax Base Fresh 300ML

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Deodorizing Sports fabric conditioner for all technical underwear and wicking clothing worn next to the skin. BaseFresh® effectively deodorises, inhibits the build up of body odours, accelerates drying and improves cooling efficiency of all base layers.

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Base layers are designed to be worn next to the skin, providing user comfort by maintaining body temperature and controlling moisture. The fabrics used are highly wicking (they will spread moisture out over a large area), fast drying and breathable. It is therefore essential to maintain these properties when caring for base layers. To keep base layers functioning properly, care must be taken when washing. If using conventional detergents or fabric conditioners, odours will not be adequately removed. All active people should use base layers to effectively manage body moisture and regulate temperature. Hill walkers, runners, bikers, cyclists, and mountaineers are amongst those who utilize base layers to maintain their comfort whilst active.

  • Nikwax BaseFresh® refreshes your base layers by deodorising and maintains freshness by preventing odour build up when in use.
  • Nikwax BaseFresh® enhances and revitalises the wicking properties of base layers and everyday clothing, increasing breathability. This helps the fabric to spread sweat, dry quickly, and keep you more comfortable in all conditions.
  • Nikwax BaseFresh® treated fabrics are more resistant to stains and day-to-day soiling. Should soiling occur, fabrics treated with Nikwax BaseFresh® are easier to clean.
  • Nikwax BaseFresh® allows base layers to be cleaned with standard laundry using conventional detergents, removing the need for a separate wash.
  • Nikwax BaseFresh® allows the use of aggressive detergents and cleaners to remove stubborn stains, such as chain oil, without compromising the performance of base layers.

Shake well before use. Follow care label instructions. Do not use on waterproof clothing.

1. Place item(s) in washing machine (with normal laundry load).
2. Use usual amount of regular detergent.
3. Add 50ml of BaseFresh® to fabric conditioner drawer.
4. Wash according to care label.


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