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Photos from our events

From March 2022, we played host to some great events at our store.

This year, we’ll be inviting riders to join us and learn about bike related products, improving your skills both on road and off-road. Here is where you can find the gallery from those events…


This was a really great small but intimate event (as far as festivals go!). We had 100 bikers pass through over the weekend. Roel from Mosko Moto showed off his range of soft luggage and riding gear. He also gave a presentation on changing a tyre out in the open (a valuable lesson to learn if you’re ever stuck!)

Our day kicked off at midday, with plenty of bikers turning up on a vast array of machines. Seeing fellow riders chat and boast of their love for all things two-wheeled and run by an engine, sharing stories of travel over a cuppa coffee sparked the weekend off nicely. We had an Irish trad band join us which really created a warm ambience.

Ken McGreevy aka ‘Adventure Detective’, entertained and enlightened us with his stories from 40 years ago – travelling with a cooler box for a side case had us in stitches. The atmosphere in the store was something you couldn’t pay for. It was fantastic. FYI – ‘There is a broken down BMW somewhere in South America, it’s yours if you want it’, an offer you just can’t resist from Ken!

We dished up a beautiful Bavarian meal up at 5pm. Think roast chicken with mash, Sauerkraut (sour crout), sausage and cheese boards decorated with giant pretzels… And Bavarian beer to wash it all down! Reminiscing has me looking forward to Motoberfest ’23! Apple Strudel and plenty of cream topped it off.

Of course, our meal wasn’t served before our ‘Bikers Blessing’, by Minister Nigel Pierpoint who is a fellow biker and proud Dakar gear model. You must watch the video to see this part! ‘As I lay down rubber on the street, I pray for traction I can keep…’, Amen to that brother!

Lastly, we had a heartwarming and moving presentation by Roel Breemers of Mosko Moto. Roel is the face of Mosko on this side of the pond, and you’ll see him at all of the bike festivals and online sharing stories of his travels. Roel reneged us of stories from Nepal, the children that his business is sponsoring and the future he wants to help build fro them. Starting off with putting shoes on their feet. I really believe that it’s only at intimate events like this that you share the more important things in life. It’s less glitz and glam, and more homely and true.

Well, they say a picture paints a thousand words, but a video might paint more. So, click on the short videos and check out the weekend. Hopefully, we’ll see you at this year’s Motoberfest!

Lou Lou


This certainly was an afternoon for anyone interested in off-road rally’s and how to start your off-road journey. Noel ran us through what Rally Raid Ireland can do for you if you would like to take part in a rally here or abroad. They prep your bike, look after you while your racing and service your bike every evening while you sleep. Noel specializes in road book’s and has some green laneing in Ireland routes which are great for those wanting to learn the process.

Off-road is wonderful for anyone who wants to take their skills beyond that of tarmac. You can only see parts of the World off-road and it’s a spectacular sport to master.

Noel entertained us with a video from a rider’s point of view… An Italian rider who spoke to himself non-stop. It turns out he was effing and blinding constantly during his hardcore race!

Tea, coffee and snacks were the order of the afternoon with riders setting off at 5pm after an enjoyable afternoon.

Lou Lou